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Group Health Insurance Plans KY- Who Do The New Laws Affect the Most?

May 20th, 2013     News

People are really up in arms over the new health insurance laws. The thing is that most people will not even feel the effects of the new laws. Employers that have fifty or more employees are going to have to make the most changes.

Group health insurance plans KY are going to change. The changes some positive and some not so positive are laws! There is no way around them. The mad dash for compliance is already starting. Companies that have to follow certain laws because they have fifty or more employees are hurrying to get the plans in place before the new laws hit.

Finding affordable group health insurance plans KY carriers offer at has always been a pretty easy process but offering high quality affordable plans with these new laws looming is not enough. We at the Preferred Insurance Group have studied the new laws so that we can advise our clients of the best plans available to meet their companyĆ½s fiscal needs and to keep them in compliance.

There is tons of information that we can share with you about the new laws and how they will affect your business.

Fines and Penalties

Business owners are going to be facing substantial fines if they do not comply with the new rules. The law lays out in no uncertain terms the fee structure for the fines if an employer is out of compliance. Avoiding these fines and penalties is as simple as staying in compliance.

The time to act is now. The closer we get to the deadline the busier the carriers and agents become. Getting a jump start on the rush is as simple as requesting a free quote and speaking to one of our agents.

If you have ever used you know how easy finding the right plan is. If you have not than you will be pleasantly surprised!

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