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Health insurance Kentucky Options for People with Pre-existing Conditions

May 20th, 2013     News

Most Kentucky residents are having an employer-sponsored group health plans. But if you are not covered by this plan then you must buy a health insurance plan from a private health insurance company. In some cases, private health insurance companies might turn you down due to your present or previous health conditions. However, there are some exceptions to this particular rule.

Your insurance company must not deny you coverage due to genetic conditions or due to the results of a genetic test. However, if you are HIPAA eligible then you can have a guaranteed health insurance Kentucky without any exclusion periods for pre-existing conditions from Kentucky Access. With Kentucky Access, you can choose three plan options these are two Preferred Provider Organization plans and one Fee for Service plan. All of these plans may vary in deductibles. Its coverage includes preventive care, hospitalization, maternity services, surgical expenses, home health care and doctor visits. You can have the option to add some enhanced coverage for mental health or substance abuse and prescription drugs with an additional premium amount. In Kentucky, a newborn baby can be automatically covered under the parents’ health insurance Kentucky within 31 days. But the parents can have the option to enroll the newborn in the plan and pay for its premium within 31 days.

According to the law of health insurance Kentucky, dependents that are physically disabled and mentally retarded can stay in their parent’s plan until such time that they will reach the age limit. Another option for Kentucky residents who have pre-existing conditions is to apply for coverage from Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan program offered by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

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