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How to Compare a Louisville Health Insurance Quote

May 20th, 2013     News

Sometimes it is not enough to be told that you should compare health insurance quotes to save money. Having some solid directions on how to compare a Louisville health insurance quote may be in order.

Comparing quotes will save you money but if you have never compared quotes than you need to know what to compare!

Straight Facts

Each time you visit a website to look at the quotes that they offer, you are inundated with useless information and promises. Most sites offer the lowest rates to get your attention but neglect to tell you that those low rates are usually attached to shabby plans.

In most cases you pay for what you get. That does not mean that you should over pay but you should take the entire picture into account. A health insurance planýs costs are beyond what you pay for the premium. You have other costs that you have to consider.

Premiums, Co-Pays & Deductibles

A good Louisville insurance quote will disclose almost all the costs up front. The premium, the co-pays and the deductibles should be given right up front so that you can compare what a plan is going to cost you.

Keep in mind when you are comparing a plan you are comparing for value not for lowest price. It is a common mistake to choose a plan based on the lowest premium. It can be a grave mistake and ultimately cost you far more money in the end.

Coverage and Options

Ideally you want a plan that is affordable and that can provide you with the most options. One of the key elements that you need to compare is the coverage that is being offered and how flexible that coverage is. For example if a plan only covers you if you use their network doctors this may or may not work for you. What if your doctor is not in the network? What if you get sick away from home? What if the network doctors are simply too far for you to travel for regular health care?

All of these points need to be considered when comparing a Louisville health insurance quote. When you are reviewing your quotes check on the coverage and see if there is any coverage if you use an out of network doctor. Also check to see which plan offers the most “perks” like vision care or even dental care. Make a list of bullet points of what each plan offers and costs for easy reference.

Get Your Quotes from the RIGHT Source

Finally your road to discovering the best health insurance plan begins with getting your quote from the right source! There are a lot of websites that offer health insurance quotes. The is a stand out source to go to for a Louisville health insurance quote because the Preferred Insurance Group specializes in health insurance in Louisville KY.

Most health insurance agents on the web are a little haphazard when it comes to where they provide health insurance, they are all over the board, and very few actually specialize in Kentucky health insurance. has agents that understand Kentucky insurance and that can help you to understand it too! Get a free quote from the right source and compare health insurance quotes for the best plan. Get a free quote right now!