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Individual Health Insurance KY Can Be Affordable

May 20th, 2013     News

Individual health insurance KY can be affordable if you know where to purchase it from. The price of individual health insurance varies by hundreds of dollars from carrier to carrier. The difference between the plans maybe very small but that does not mean that the cost will be the same.

If you need individual health insurance you can compare quotes from a reputable agency to find the most affordable plan. Preferred Insurance Group is that reputable agency. We offer affordable options for high quality plans.

Save Time, Save Money

Preferred Insurance Group has set up to help you not only save money but to save time as well. We understand how important your time is and how difficult it can be to shop for health insurance when you are pressed for time. is an easy to use health insurance quote application online. It takes only minutes to make the quote request and to compare your options. It is recommended that you compare quotes to find the best value and is the place to do that.

You can shop from the comfort of your home or while at work in minutes. You do not have to find time to keep appointments or schedule your shopping around other peopleýs schedule. We make it convenient for you to find the health insurance plan that will really work for you!

Shop Multiple Carriers

At you will find information from multiple carriers. Some people are confused at first to find that we do not offer options from just one carrier. We are independent agents which puts us in a unique position.

As independent agents, we have fostered professional relationships with some of the top carriers. We work for you throughout the process.

Being able to see what multiple carriers have to offer means that you will be able to quickly unveil where the savings is at. Carriers are like any other service industry they want your business and when forced they will compete for it.

Compare quotes by visiting us online or calling 877-334-1597 today.