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Information on Kentucky Individual Health Insurance

May 20th, 2013     News

Purchasing Kentucky individual health insurance usually depends on the individualýs health status. However, there are some circumstances which can allow you to purchase individual health insurance plans.

Generally, Kentucky health insurance companies which sell individual health insurance plans can turn down some applicants due to their health status and other factors. Before you can obtain an individual health insurance plan, the insurer will first investigate your previous and current health conditions.

Base on your health status, the insurance company can refuse to sell you Kentucky individual health insurance or sell you an insurance policy with coverage limitations. However, do not be discouraged if you are turned down or offered with a policy which has restrictions because you may be eligible for Kentucky Access coverage.

People who are HIPAA eligible can guarantee coverage for Kentucky Access. Newborns can get automatic coverage from the individual health insurance plans f their parents for the first 31 days. However, in order to continue the coverage the parent must enroll the baby and pay its premium within the 31 days.

Kentucky residents who are physically disabled and mentally retarded can remain insured under the individual health insurance of their parents after they have reached the age when their coverage will be terminated provided that they met certain conditions.

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