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Kentucky BCBS – Business as Usual

May 20th, 2013     News

Kentucky BCBS is conducting business as usual as it has for almost a hundred years. The new health care reform laws required some adjusting on how business is conducted by Kentucky BCBS but the company has not changed the fact that BCBS is one of the largest carriers in Kentucky for a reason.

The new health care reform bill will affect millions of Americans. It will change the way health insurance is purchased and it will change who it is that is insured. BCBS is committed like the Preferred Insurance Group to making this time of great change and transition as simple as possible.


Change is always hard to adjust to. We get used to living a certain way and dealing with things in a certain way so that changing things up even a little can feel uncomfortable. Kentucky BCBS wants to minimize that discomfort.

Some of the upcoming changes are very positive for many sectors of American society. Frankly most people that are insured right now with Kentucky BCBS will not notice a change because there will be no changes for them.

Many people are afraid that they will somehow lose benefits or wind up paying much more for health insurance. The reality? Most people will not be affected at all!


Kentucky BCBS did not make it up to the top spots by being unreliable. Blue Cross Blue Shield will continue to be a reliable health insurance company. You can continue to count on BCBS for all of your health insurance needs.

We Are Here was designed to help you find affordable health insurance-that will never change! The Preferred Insurance Group wants to be able to provide you with the best service through this period of transition.

If you are one of our customers we are here to help you through this time, if you are not yet one of our customers check out what we have to offer. Get a free quote today and let us impress you!