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Kentucky Insurance: Taking a Closer Look at Cafeteria Plans

May 20th, 2013     News

One of your possible choices of Kentucky insurance coverage when you’re working for a company that provides you with healthcare coverage is the cafeteria plan. This is mainly one of the employee benefits that you get wherein you can choose insurance coverage from a wide list of options. As opposed to insurance plans where the benefits are set, you have control over what youýll get and what you pay for. As specific as your health care and medical needs are, you can have insurance that meets these needs with a cafeteria plan.

So if your company offers an employee benefit of a cafeteria plan, you can look at putting inclusions like health insurance, life insurance, cash, paid leave, and care for disabled family member, etc.

If you think it’s easier to just have a made out insurance plan, think about the needs that you have. It’s mostly going to be different from the needs that your coworkers have and with a cafeteria plan, you can get your needs covered. Even if they’re different from what your coworkers have.

Let’s say that you’re planning on raising a family in the near future. Choose Kentucky insurance with a cafeteria plan where you get health insurance, maternity care and child care. This means that you’ll be paying for something that you’ll likely need in the future.

What about if you want to take care of your dental health? Dental costs can also be very expensive and with your cafeteria plan involving dental coverage, you don’t have to come out of pocket for caring for your teeth and the teeth of your family.

When you have a cafeteria plan in your company, you can have so many benefits as an employee. First off, you have a way of reducing your taxable salary and that means that you pay for your coverage from your pay slip before the taxes are taken out. You can also be assured that if there are any insurance increases in premiums, deductibles or copays, your cafeteria plan will have a small impact on you. You can also receive a greater deduction on dependent healthcare expenses. In comparison to traditional group insurance plans, the cafeteria plan may turn out to be more cost effective.

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