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Louisville Group Health Insurance Changes

May 20th, 2013     News

The health care reform bill has been passed into law there is no way around it. Change is coming. The one sector of health insurance that will be affected the most is going to be the group health insurance plans. Louisville group health insurance changes are going to affect employers and employees alike.

The group plan is primarily provided by employers for their employees. There are a lot of changes written into the new health care reform bill. The group health plans that are offered by will still be affordable and reliable top rated plans.

The Changes

The changes will largely affect large companies. The companies that have fifty or more employees can expect to have the biggest changes to deal with. If you have 50 or more employees in your company than you will have to supply your employees with health insurance. If you do not provide health insurance and one of your employees have to rely on government subsidy to secure health insurance, than you can expect to pay heavy fines.

If you have less than 50 employees your company is exempt from these requirements. In some cases if you have a smaller work force and choose to provide health insurance for your employees you may receive some nice tax benefits.

By 2014 every man, woman and child will have to by law have health insurance. As an employer you will have to be in compliance or you will be fined!

How We Can Help

At we are prepared to help you find a plan that will keep you in compliance with the new law. We have focused much of our practice on understanding the new laws so that we can help our clients understand how the law will affect their business.

We can help you to find a plan that you can afford and that will help keep you in compliance. Ask for a free quote from and get the information that you need. We are here to help you adjust to the new health care reform.

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