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Understanding Group Insurance Plans in KY

May 20th, 2013     News

Providing high quality group insurance plans in KY to your employees is a great way to attract and retain talented and happy employees. The state of Kentucky also wants you to step up to the plate and offer your employees a group health policy; to that end they offer a nice tax break to those companies that offer insurance. For your small business to take advantage of these tax incentives and cost cuts for group health PA plans that are offered by the state it must have no less than 2 employees and no more than 50 full time employees. 

Similar to individual and family health insurance plans, a group health can be purchased with different types of options such as HMO, PPO and POS plans. You can even opt for a type of HSA plan where you pay a portion into your employeeýs account every month.

  • An HMO or health maintenance organization plan is easily the most popular type of group health plan. With this type of policy your employees will need to choose a primary care physician and receive medical care through a particular network of doctors and facilities and also pay a deductible and a copayment for medical services.  
  • A PPO or preferred provider organization is similar to an HMO although with a PPO your employees can choose to go out of network for care at a higher co-pay amount.  
  • A POS or point of service plan is considered the most flexible of the plans and often the most expensive. Would you like more information about group health PA plans? Simply click our link and go to our free quote engine page where you can compare the rates and benefits of hundreds of policies.

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