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What is a Louisville Group Health Insurance Quote?

May 20th, 2013     News

If you are an employer or in charge of human resources than you should read this information to help save your company money. Providing health insurance benefits to your employees goes beyond being a good employer it is good for your business.

A lot of employers have cut back on employees benefits as a way to save some money during hard economic times. One of the first things that seem too wind up in the shredder is health insurance benefits. This can be an unnecessary mistake.

Offering your employees health insurance actually saves you money in the long run. Health employees are productive employees but more so offering health insurance benefits to your employees show that you appreciate their work and that you value them. It forges a feeling of loyalty between your employees and you.

Instead of cutting back on health insurance benefits why not cut back on the cost of health insurance benefits? You can get a Louisville group health insurance quote and compare your options!

A Quote Defined

A Louisville group health insurance quote is a synopsis of what a health insurance plan offers and what it costs. It is a quick and easy way to see exactly what your options on and how much those options are going to cost you!

Using a quote from a reputable agency can reveal easily how to save money without having to give up employee benefits. Before you consider dumping your employee health plan, ask for a free quote from the Preferred Insurance Group.

The Preferred Insurance Group offers free Louisville group health insurance quote online at to make comparing quotes quick and easy. The Preferred Insurance Group are independent insurance agents that service areas across Kentucky and specialize in group health insurance.

Don’t save money by giving up health insurance benefits instead save money by giving up the health insurance plan that you are over paying for! Ask for a free Louisville group health insurance quote to see where you can cut the fat today!