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What Is the Best Health insurance in Kentucky for Couples?

May 20th, 2013     News

There are different types of health insurance in Kentucky and they are completely different from each other.  Before a couple gets married, it will be very unusual for them to share coverage unless if one of your health insurance provider is offering domestic partner insurance.  When you become engaged and both of you have separate insurance plans then it is very significant that you discuss about switching to a better plan when you get married.  There are some factors that you have to consider such as the co-payments, deductible and the benefits of the plan.  Marriage is a big decision to make. Therefore the two of you should settle important decisions such as choosing health insurance plan.

The deductible amount is the amount that you have to pay every year in order to start your health insurance in Kentucky policy.  Once this payment is settled then you will be the one responsible in paying for any amount of co-payment that your insurance company requires for your health expenses.  The amount of co-payment is already established at the time that you signed your health insurance policy.  You and your partner should compare both of your plans and check which deductible and co-payment will be appropriate for both of you.

Married couples can enjoy certain benefits which unmarried couples canýt.  Having separate insurance policies sponsored by your employers may not be beneficial to both of you anymore.  If you have insurance and your partner does not have any then you can be added to the health insurance in Kentucky of your partner once you get married.  The cost of adding an additional individual to a plan must be examined carefully.  In most cases, you will not be required to pay more since adding a spouse or a child in a plan is offered to immediate family without any additional cost.  If you are having trouble in deciding which one is the best then you can discuss this with our agents by calling 877-334-1597 or visiting our website at