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Why Choose Indemnity Insurance in Kentucky

May 20th, 2013     News

Indemnity insurance in Kentucky is also known as fee for service plans or traditional insurance plans.  These types of plans provide you the basic coverage that includes hospitalization, doctorýs visits, surgery and other types of medical expenses.  If you need protection against injuries and serious illnesses then obtain a major medical coverage which can pay huge bills just in case the basic coverage are drained.  A comprehensive coverage combines major medical and basic coverage.  Typically, this is offered in employer sponsored group health plans.

Most people favored indemnity insurance in Kentucky because it allows you to choose any doctor, specialist, clinic, hospital or health care provider that you want.  You have to pay upfront then submit the paperwork so that you can claim reimbursements from the insurance company.  But before going to the reimbursement stage there are some requirements.  Prior to the reimbursement, you have to pay the deductible amount for the year in full.  The higher the deductible, the lower the premium will be.  If you are in good health and you are not doing any dangerous hobbies then you can choose a low monthly premium with a high deductible.  However, you have to realize that you should prepare a large amount of money for the deductible in case you get injured or seriously sick.

There is no such insurance in Kentucky that can cover everything; therefore you should read your policy carefully in order to make sure that you can meet your needs.  Fee for service plans specialize in treating health problems rather than in preventing them.  These plans will not cover well doctor visits, annual checkups and others.  Fee for service plans also have limited days for hospital stays but you can still receive coverage.  To know more about fee for service plans, contact our agents now at 877-334-1597 or go to our website at