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You Can Rely on BCBS of KY

May 20th, 2013     News

One of the biggest and most reliable insurance companies in America, Blue Cross Blue Shield has been offering health insurance policies to people since 1929. The company started with a single health insurance plan in Texas and has since grown to include 39 different companies as members of the BCBS family including BCBS of KY. BCBS offers award winning service, reliability, innovations in the industry and more than 50 different health insurance plans to choose from.

Sometimes who your health insurance policy is with is just as important as having one. Choose the wrong insurance carrier and you may find yourself driving 50 miles just to see the only doctor who accepts your plan in the state or having to fight for coverage of every single treatment or medication.

BCBS of Kentucky offers one of the largest and most diversified provider networks in the industry which means that finding a doctor that suites your needs and personality is easy and relatively painless.

There are plenty of fly by night and unreliable insurance companies out there with lower rates but do you really want to pay good money for a plan you may not be able to use.

Stop wasting time staring blankly at the computer screen or on sleepless night hoping the health plan you chose is the RIGHT as well as the most affordable health plan from a company that you can trust like BCBS of KY or Humana One just give us a call today toll free at 877-334-1597 to talk with an expert about your needs and your options.  If you prefer to shop at your own convenience then simply request a health insurance quote online at no cost to you!